Firstly we would like to thank all our staff who have worked tirelessly and in really difficult circumstances throughout the pandemic, without whom we would have been unable to provide the service we have.   We also thank you, the patient for your patience and consideration to our staff through these difficult times.

Kildrum Medical practice has always had patient's care as our central focus, this has been challenged many times through the pandemic but we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best service we could in the circumstances given.  We have never closed our doors and patients could always speak to a GP/ANP when the call.

We have had many challenges throughout the past 18months, and we accept that not being able to have a face to face appointment with a GP has been difficult for many patients, but we have always tried to see the patients who had a clinical need to see a GP.

As the country opens up again we need to look at what our service will look like in a world of 'new normal'/  We have looked at the amount of patient contact over the month of July comparing it to July 2020 and 2019.  This shows that the GPs and ANP are dealing with more patients now that we are doing telephone consultations than previous years.   The GPs have assessed patients and arranged to see the ones who they have felt a clinical need to have a face to face with.

YearPatient contact with GP/ANP
July 20191325 patients
July 20201331 patients
July 20211629 patients

This year we have dealt with more patients than previous years.  We have also then seen 299 of them face to face which equates to around 19% (1 in 5 patients) of all telephone calls are then seen.

This model of working will provide patients with quicker access to a GP and patients who really need seen are seen quicker than  they would pre pandemic.  It also reduces the amount of non attended wasted appointments.

If we continued with this model of working patients would still have access to a GP within the practice but would not need to take time off work to attend an appointment , if you needed to be seen the GP would have the ability to give you an appointment within a few days rather than waiting a week or two.

We would continue to see all emergencies but they would be triaged prior to being seen to ensure that all appointments are being utilised appropriately.

Finally we would like to thank all our patients for their understanding and patience as we navigate our way out of this difficult situation.

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